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BLESSMETALS unites recyclers of scrap metal. Our co-operation encompasses the provision of resources for collecting, little processing and recycling, sorting, trading and brokering metal, both ferrous (containing iron) and nonferrous (not containing iron). Success arises from efficient, low cost scrap metal processing methods.

Procurement takes place at all levels as the scrap metal is purchased from industrial manufacturers, railroads, auto salvage facilities, metal dealers and individuals. It is sourced from obsolete machinery and equipment such as autos, railroad cars, railroad tracks, home appliances and demolition metal from buildings and other obsolete structures.

Crushed auto bodies are also purchased by our partners to vertically integrate dealings from Auto Parts Business, where geographically feasible. Purchased materials arrive at facilities daily by ship, barge, rail, truck, car and even individuals on foot.


Tactical marketing focused on place allows for the proximity to large industrial suppliers and major railroad routes, deep water ports and major highways providing a competitive advantage to our partners.

As the scrap is placed at the so-called yards, it is processed by Sorting. Whereas shearing, shredding, torching and baling shall be done at our client’s facilities abroad, which will ultimately result in metal processed into pieces of size, density and purity required by steel mills and foundries for melting and use in the production of new finished steel and other products.


It is important to note that smaller, homogeneous pieces of processed metal have more value because they melt more easily than larger pieces and more completely fill the charge buckets that are used to load a steel mill or foundry furnace, resulting in lower energy usage and shorter cycle times.

Our partners are committed to being efficient, low cost scrap processors, and are constantly investing in improvements to facilities. Equipments at facilities provide lower conversion costs by increasing throughput while improving energy and labor efficiencies. New induction sorting systems are rolled out which helps further improvements of recoverability of stainless steel and other valuable nonferrous metal.


We are also involved in several joint ventures that provide us additional opportunities for scrap metals and other materials, where businesses provide metals recycling facilities; removal and disposition of surplus metal assets (such as railroad track); and demolition, dismantling and environmental remediation services.

Our suppliers of scrap metal have modern unloading equipment and convenient hours. Industrial suppliers provide large onsite containers with pick up services included to the yards that cooperate with us. Some locations provide special equipment like mobile cranes for special reclamation projects and other material handling needs.



For our overseas customers of scrap metal, we can ship by bulk or by container.

Strategic partners, alliances and other business opportunities are welcomed.